Peshawar – Sexual Innuendo (Again???)

June 6, 2006

Gandengan tangan, berangkulan, berpelukan antara sesama pria adalah hal lazim (AGUSTINUS WIBOWO)

Man-to-man body contact is very normal here

I was looking for a cheap transport to go to Khyber Pass, as foreigners are not allowed to take the public transports. So a friend of mine introduced me to a travel guide. The travel guide was very friendly, visiting me to my hotel almost every night and yesterday took me to his office. It was night. He said, “Dont worry, you are my friend, I will give you cheap price…” bla bla bla. It didnt matter for me. He liked to touch my shoulder which is for me OK, but in his office he tried to rub my ear, then I thought I should keep the distance.

When he took me back to my hotel with a taxi, he even gave me a chain of flower.

Not until 3 minutes, I was already in the hotel, climbing the stairs to my room. Two guys, one fat one slim, both in shalwar qameez, both moustached, started to stare me and kept following me. They wanted to chat with me but they didnt speak Urdu well, only Pashto. From what I understood, they wanted me to go to their room. I refused politely as it was 11 pm already. Then they asked me to do ‘something’, which the word I didnt understand. I said, “nahi samjha”, I dont understand.

Then the slim guy made a gesture of rubbing his right point finger to a hole which was made by his right thumb and point finger. It was obvious gesture. They wanted to fuck me. The man offered me five or six hundred rupees, and showed me the banknotes to assure me. I refused politely, “na… na…”, and jokingly, “dard hoga.” (it would be painful)
The man might think that I was into him, then he tried to convince me, it would not be painful, only a minute, and i would get the money.

He was very aggressive, with all of gestures and tried to grab my hand, which I successfully escaped. The slim guy even showed me his big erected tool under his shalwar…. it was disgusting. I didnt expect to be treated like this in my hotel.

I successfully ran away to my room. And to my surprise, their room is just next to mine. I closed all of the curtains, locked the door, and contacted my Pakistani friends to ask for support.

Later on that night, my mobile was running out of battery but there was no place to recharge in my room. I only could recharge outside. To keep my data, I tried to find whether there was any possible way to install password to my mobile before I recharge it outside. I didnt quite understand my mobile, so instead of making password, what I did was blocking my own SIM card. It was disaster. The mobile didnt work at all, and my SIM completely rejected (died). I couldnt sleep at all that night.

The next morning I replaced my card in the friendly Ufone service center, but had to pay 100 Rs for this replacement. I dont know whether it’s worth the money or not, as I am leaving the country the day after tomorrow.

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  1. Maybe you’re just to cute so they want to tease you? Please take care of yourself, don’t let people do that thing again to you.

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