[Outdoor Exploration户外探险]:旅行就是回家

Interview with a Chinese Magazine, “Outdoor Exploration” (户外探险) on traveling and travel philosophy. 旅行就是回家 Agustinus Wibowo 印 尼华人,旅行作家,2002年开始背包旅行,曾三次进入阿富汗,在那里生活了将近三年,并曾深入阿富汗最人迹罕至的瓦罕走廊地带,寻找电视新闻以外的阿富 汗;也曾游历中亚五国所有的边境地区。每次的旅行,他都选择最艰苦的方式,搭车、住最廉价的旅馆。在旅行中,他全部的兴趣都在人的身上,已经出版两本旅行 文学畅销书《A Blanket of Dust: Dreams and Pride from the War-torn Afghanistan》《Borderlands: A Journey to Central Asia》《Ground Zero: When the Journey Takes You Home》,最近还将余华的小说《活着》首次翻译成印尼文版本。   只有在旅行中才没有身份 我 [read more]

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 2015-05-15 行李 他是堪比奈保尔的著名作家,曾以最艰苦的方式在阿富汗生活3年,深入人迹罕至的瓦罕走廊,并游历中亚5国所有边界地区,现正采访印尼数百个岛屿的神秘故事。 (Augustin Wibowo在帕米尔高原) 行李&Augustin Wibowo 行李:你最近刚参加完伦敦书展? Augustin :是,印尼是今年法兰克福书展的主题国,所以印尼出版界推荐了很多本国作家到世界各地参加书展。伦敦书展是世界第二大书展,我是作为印尼游记文学的作家代表去伦敦演讲,介绍印尼游记文学的情况。 行李:在国外,游记文学已经单独作为一个门类了吗? Augustin :在 英国是这样。英国在游记文学方面是全世界最发达的,已经有几百年历史,英国人很早就开始到世界各地游历,游记文学在英国已经变成一个门类,这个是他们文化 [read more]

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中国网:呈现106期–行走故事–世界那么大,我想找个“家” 想讲一个“回家”的故事 奥古斯丁,印尼华人作家,34岁。由于自我身份无法认同的过程驱动他踏上“寻家”之旅。奥古斯丁行走世界,虽漫笔各地域,落笔终回归印尼和华人的人与事,字里字外尝试解读这个新世界。  中国曾让他“看不懂” 奥古斯丁很难与长辈交流,无法得知更多关于中国的事情。联姻结盟后,他的表兄弟中开始出现蓝眼睛的后代。近百年历史沉浮,贯穿印尼华人祖孙辈的情感羁绊,因语言障碍,因联姻,情感在一步步萎缩。  陌生又熟悉的中国版图 大多数印尼华人对于中国的印象皆自一代代口耳相传下来模糊记忆,更多源于想象,且所有记忆也仅停留当初第一批移民华人离开中国时的样子。  回中国是当时印尼华人梦想 [read more]

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Adventurer Agustinus Wibowo: A journey home

By Rory Howard, May 8, 2015 Agustinus Wibowo is a Chinese-Indonesian author. At first glance, he seems more like a traveler than an adventurer and more like a happy conversationalist than a philosopher. But just as my first impression of him is challenged by what I learn of him in our conversation, so too do we find in his latest book, “Ground Zero: When the Journey Takes You Home,” that his sense of self has been tested by his upbringing, his culture and his travels. Danger, charity, humanity Wibowo’s first two books – “A Blanket of Dust” and “Borderlines: A Journey to Central Asia” – tell of his earlier travels through Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. When asked what took him to these places, he answers that his journeys were governed by chance. “I wanted to be a journalist, but I didn’t have a background in journalism. The road itself is the best university,” he says. His [read more]

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The Jakarta Globe (2011): An Indonesian’s Lust for Asian Travel

An Indonesian’s Lust for Asian Travel Lisa Siregar | May 26, 2011 For Agustinus Wibowo, a travel writer who has explored and lived in some of the most dangerous parts of Central Asia, traveling is all about gaining fresh perspectives — even if it means going unshowered for months or getting kicked out of an Afghan man’s house for refusing the generous offer of a male prostitute. “It’s not about the number of stamps in your passport. It’s the traveler’s point of view that matters,” he said last week during the launch of his new travel book, “Garis Batas” (“Borderlines”). He showed up to the launch proudly wearing a white flowing tunic known as a shalwar kameez from Afghanistan, where he had lived for several years. Agustinus, now a translator based in Beijing, is famed for his travel columns published in Kompas newspaper as well as his first book, “Selimut Debu” [read more]

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