From Zero to Frankfurt: The Translating Process of Ground Zero

The journey began when a mother is lying on a hospital bed, dying. The son who has been years living overseas finally returns. Realizing not much time left, the son sits beside her, reads his diary about faraway lands he saw. About their ancestral land of China, about the Himalayas, about the Pakistani desert and the warzone of Afghanistan. Along with his stories, the mother starts to recount her stories that have been buried for long. About her childhood, her love, her awaiting, her struggle, her God, her life and death. Two journeys set in two dimensions of time and place intertwine, and eventually converge. In the final days, the mother and son share a journey of life together. This is the story of my travel-narrative memoir, Titik Nol: Makna Sebuah Perjalanan (lit. Point Zero: The Essence of a Journey), published in Indonesian language by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in 2013. It received quite warm welcome from Indonesian readers. Some months after the launching, Gramedia asked whether [read more]

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【中国文化译研网】:我愿搭起一座桥梁——对话印度尼西亚作家、翻译家翁鸿鸣 Interview during 2015 Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Symposium, in correlation with Shanghai International Film Festival 2015. 【影视】我愿搭起一座桥梁——对话印度尼西亚作家、翻译家翁鸿鸣 2015-07-22 14:45| Original author: 徐奕欣|Location: 中国文化译研网 Description: 有这样一位印尼华侨,他第一次将中国的文学作品直接翻译成印尼语,引入印度尼西亚;他又用自己的生花妙笔,写下他在寻根之旅的种种感悟,直接展示了一个印 尼华侨关于故乡和他乡的思考。他是翁鸿鸣(Agustinus Wibowo),印度尼西亚裔华人,双语作家,自由翻译者,同时也是将余华作品翻译引入印度尼西亚的第一人。 东南亚地区集中了大量的华人, [read more]

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